About us
About us

Our mission is to give everyone the opportunity to get the maximum profit to invest at minimal risk.
Our team of financial experts, who work full-time for PTC Q Solutions, ensure the effective and rapid analysis of the current financial situation.
The goal of our investment fund is to ensure regular income for investors with a reasonable level of risk reinvesting the funds collected in various types of goods.
The Fund is mainly engaged in the trade of cryptocurrency Forex markets.

Some of these filed, in accordance with its investment policy, is reinvested in securities and other instruments of stable companies, securities management programs and commodity exchanges, whereas other part of the money invested, goes capitalization of the face of the guarantee fund to our investors to reduce the investment risk to a minimum.

Financial markets offer high yield for merchants, but contain high risks, especially when they are involved limited tools.
Investors should therefore be prepared to accept certain reasonable risks before commencing operations in the real market.
PTC Q Solutions has no limits imposed on the structure of the assets of our company, so you have the opportunity, at any time, to introduce new investment options to offer our new investors and better investment products, so additional income.